Last night’s garden dinner | Auntie love

ImageSome Wednesday evenings call for: Impromptu awesome garden meals. Visits from one sister, one nephew and two nieces. Garden scavenging. Donkey carrot-feeding. Egg gathering. A 12-year-old, newly obsessed Instagrammer.

These kids. They are funny. Joseph plucked prickly cucumbers from the vine and ran around with the dog. He wanted to ride a donkey. Next time, k? I gave him a glass of iced water, to which he asked:

“You drink water from the tap?”

“It’s from a well,” I said.

“Oh, a well,” he said. “This is good!”

He liked the water, but didn’t so much love the vegetable pie and arugula salad we had for dinner. He can eat watermelon like no tomorrow, though.

I love playing with these kids and answering their gazillion questions about growing food, how to pluck basil, where the donkeys live and why the lone duck hangs out with the geese.

Here’s a little of how the evening went:Image^ Joseph reaches in for a cucumber.Image^ Guys, I’m so excited. My niece Sophia has a new iPod and is totally into taking pictures and Instagram. I loved, loved, loved following her around as she captured photos of garden produce and the animals. #proudauntieImage

^ Joseph took home a pattypan squash as big as his head.Image^ The cucumber kids. They are so grown up.Image^ Obsessed.ImageImage^ She’s even started staging photos. She styled that glove into the shot.ImageImageImage^ Sophia got a great shot of one of the donkeys.ImageImageImageBaby and a Dirty Red.ImageImageImage^ We made a nice dinner. I was worried about getting off of work late and not going to the store, but it turned out quite yummy. I sliced up watermelon and cucumber and baked a vegetable pie I’d prepared the night before (sliced homegrown tomatoes layered in a pie crust with lightly sauteed squashes, onions and garlic; then baked for 40 minutes (@325) with a pile of mayo-mozzarella-cheddar mixture on top). My sister made an amazing salad with pesto (with basil the kids picked), heirloom bulb tomatoes, pine nuts, arugula, feta and Barata cheese (like a Mozzarella).ImageImageImageImageImage^ Breezy got lovin’ too.ImageImageImage

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3 Responses to Last night’s garden dinner | Auntie love

  1. Omg the cooking looks divine 🙂 and the children are beautiful

  2. I love seeing all the love & fun & so-delicious looking food. And…Wow! Sophia is becoming a real beauty. Little girl no longer. Thanks Lauren.

  3. Maggie says:

    Ooo, that tomato pie looks delicious. I can’t wait to follow Sophia on Instagram!

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