Life lately

This is life lately, sort of. Life lately has been a lot of working, which I don’t exactly enjoy taking pictures of, but this is life before, in between and after, I suppose. It’s still summer, and it’s still pretty. And it tastes good, too. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and find a little bit of fun.Image^ Cozy and lived in. Not gonna lie, I get a little bit jealous when I go home and it’s obvious I missed the day-time pool party. #notfairImage^ Salmon on the grill. Nom nom. I’ve never been a huge fish eater, but I tell ya, I’m a quick convert.ImageImage^ My first batch of pesto of the season. Our basil is growing like crazy, and I have a full supply of my dad’s garlic.Image^ I went ahead and put said pesto on everything I ate for a good week. Here, pattypan squash and tomatoes topped with pesto and parm. Delish. Image^ My first time making panzanella. The recipe called for day-old bread, which I didn’t have. I chopped up a good loaf and let it sit out all day. Still, I think it would have been a tiny bit better if the bread would have been stale. Go figure.Image^ Garden squash prep. That is summer.Image^ A friend who runs his own biz finally took a night off. So, we went out. The watermelon margarita is mine. Image^  I tried to work on a Saturday afternoon.

v  It’s too tempting when a pool is on the other side of the window.Imagev My aunt and I toasted our very first summer tomato. Let the tomato madness begin!Imagev A playdate for the pooches. Can you say best friends?Image

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