Gold Beach sand

ImageIt’s so hot here! It’s so hot my flip-flops are melting and I can’t think about anything but being back on the cool beach. So, in honor of my wishing, here are a few photos from my beach days in Gold Beach. I’m trying to get caught up on my sharing. Slacker = me. Sorry, friends. ImageImageWe scavenged!ImageImageImageImageFootprints.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageTurtle Rock. Can you see it?ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageI got the sweetest text from my dear friend Val. Today is actually mama butterfly’s birthday, and I’m thinking how I miss her oh-so-much. ImageI ordered a White Russian. So random. Flashback to summers with my parents.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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One Response to Gold Beach sand

  1. booketta says:

    Great photos and I love the beach shots particularly the ground view. Lovely pebbles and I also love the different focus and lighting used.

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