In Camp: Gold Beach, Oregon

ImageHi, friends. I’m back! Back from soggy, lush, wonderful Oregon. I took off an entire week, and my aunt and I roadtripped it up to Gold Beach, Oregon. With her fifth-wheel in tow, we took our time, and broke up the drive with an overnight stay at a cute little campground in Yreka. It was a perfect little getaway. There were a few things to do around town, but mostly it was sleepy and quiet, perfect for completely unwinding. We wandered the beach that was walking distance from our camp, and filled pockets with colorful rocks and smooth drift wood. It rained the first day and a half, but we didn’t mind, and took the opportunity to cuddle up in the camper with movies. When we wanted a change, we browsed the two-story used bookstore, drove to Bandon and shopped for jelly in the land of cranberry bogs with our friends who were camping near us. Oh, we rode up the Rogue River in a Jet Boat/Mail Boat (more on that later). Here’s a peak into the week away. I have lots more to share later. Tootles.

Image^ this is earl, our neighbor. he brought us “magical” – aka, dry – wood after the rain. like most people, he couldn’t get over how my aunt keeps up her fifth-wheel adventures even after my uncle passed away. she is amazing, but I mean, she’s not completely doing it by herself (read: what about me and my little attempt to be of help? ha).Image^ Turtle Rock Cove. That’s where we stayed. ‘Cus the rock looks like a turtle. See it?Image^ The moon sometime around solstice. Those long, long days. Heart.Image^ Our rock finds one day. Image^ Some of the “neighborhood” go around the country gold panning. They’ve found a lot in Georgia and Alaska. No suck luck in Gold Beach.Image^ This little pond/inlet/creek was behind our campspot. It was gorgeous. Image^ These just made us curious. How did they get there?Image^ Relaxing with wine and a library book. Image^ These snails were everywhere. They even got into our locked ice chest one night and took over two whole cantaloupes. I accidentally stepped on one while it was raining and it went “pop.” Yup.Image^ A man with lighter fluid.Image^ I love a town that has a whole display about hunting wild mushrooms in its bookstore.Image^ Everything grows here.Image^ Sunken fishing boat at the Gold Beach Port.Image^ Brat sandwiches for dinner one night. Even when in Oregon, we eat local brats. Yum.Image^ There’s Turtle Rock again.Image^ Beach living. ImageI found daisies to lay in.ImageImage^ Sinful cookies matchImageImageImageImageImage

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