Right now

ImageRight now:

An expected forecast of 112. Coffee and cocoa early. Internet-ing by the pool. Early morning pooch pond swims. A coffee machine that reads my mind and grounds beans and froths milk, built into the wall. Rolling hills seen over the edge of an infinity pool. Last night’s cilantro and cabbage salad and skinny margaritas. She & Him and Lulu and the Lampshades on Spotify. That summery aroma of sunscreen. Post-swim movie (and nap). A canvas bag packed with pool reading. A swimsuit uniform, 18 hours a day.

That’s how Maggie and I are getting through this weekend’s heat wave. What are you doing?

See you soon!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThanks, Monica : )

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2 Responses to Right now

  1. Awesome location to “deal” with the heat. Just slightly envious!

  2. mydogblog09 says:

    Great pictures, what camera do you use?


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