Donkeys & Mules | Parade and Rodeo of Bishop

ImageYesterday I shared here about camp at Mule Days, the super fun and not-so-serious rodeo for mules and donkeys I went to over Memorial Day weekend. Here are a few shots from the grandstand and sidewalk as we watched the parade. ImageI love those donkeys when they’re all done up:ImageAunt Jo and I, and our hand stamps to get in to the arena.ImageThere were amazing beards all over the place:ImageImage
I loved the setting, mountains on both sides.ImageImageThe chariot races are hilarious.ImageImageDon’t try to tell a donkey he needs to go faster:ImageCutest little covered wagon:ImageImageAunt Jo givin’ some lovin’ to a Hall-of-Famer:ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageI’m so going to make a bikini for Zipper, one of my aunt’s sassy donkeys:ImageImageImageThings got a little weird:ImageImageMy favorite was when they did the packing scramble. All of the donkeys and horses were let loose, leaving the people to round up their groups of six mules and one horse. Once they were all together, they had to get all the gear loaded up, too.ImageImageAnd then there was the parade. Time to get up close and personal.ImageI loved this little miniature donkey named Blossom:ImageMy aunt helped start Wild Ass Women back in the day:ImageImageImageImageThis chick is awesome. She shows her mule, brahma bull and zebra at the same time:ImageImageImageImageFresh ground mule: 10 cents a pound:ImageLove this hippie chick and the mule’s bell bottoms:ImageImageImageImageImageAnd just like that, it was all over. Until next year … Image

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