Five Senses Monday


Happy Monday, friends. This past week, I got away and headed to a little town between the desert and the Eastern Sierra Mountains. Have you ever heard of Bishop? I hadn’t either, until my aunt and uncle started talking about Bishop Mule Days about a decade ago. It’s sort of like a rodeo, but less serious and with donkeys and mules.

I decided to join my aunt on this year’s trek and keep the tradition going. It was a wonderful trip, though bittersweet at times, as my uncle passed away this time last year. It made my heart happy to be there, meeting his friends and experiencing a world he enjoyed so much. I learned a little side of him I’d never really known. Hanging with my aunt was also special, and we added our own new twists to the week, like trying out new recipes and having movie nights in her RV — that kind of stuff we don’t find time to do at home.

I’ll share more on Mule Days this week, but now, it’s time for Five Senses Monday. Play along!

Cute little donkeys braying at Bishop Mule Days. Myself asking a lot of questions, like “what’s the difference between a donkey and a mule?” (I was that much of a newby). The casino, loud with families, on a Sunday morning. The truck jug-a-lugging up the mountains with the pretty new fifth-wheel in tow. Stories of pirates and renaissance festivals and the olden days from new, interesting people.

Relaxed after stepping into a new world for nearly a week. Thankful for the small things, like a hot morning shower in a communal shower trailer. Amazed that I was really able to leave everything at home and focus on the moments: new sites, wonderful company, a whole new experience. Proud of my aunt, who never slows down, but sat down and watched three whole movies with me in the RV (feet up and bubbly in hand, of course). Ready for the next vacation. Only anxious to get home to see my Aussie-Chow, who had been shaved while I was away (I may have cried a little to see my fluffy beauty turned into a little sheep … more on that later).

Fluffy morning pancakes cooked on the outdoor grill. Cheesy hash browns baked in a Dutch Oven. Venison for the first time; I couldn’t quite get past the Bambi image, though. An Indian taco.

The landscape change from lush and green to dry and desert. Donkeys and mules everywhere I turned. Cowboys, too.

The sizzling-something on the barbecue constantly. Morning coffee, so lovely. Cinnamon, sugar and butter bubbling under the hot lid.

ImageWe drove and drove. To a part of the state I’d never explored. ImageEventually, the green turned to brown.ImageAnd then we arrived.ImageImageWe camped among mule peeps and cowboys and people who eat and drink and talk for fun.ImageOn the first night, Fiddler Pete joined us for dinner and then played in our camp.ImageAt some point, I made a college (if you follow me on Instagram, sorry).ImageImageWe watched lots of stuff, like chariot races.ImageMovie and drinks. In middle of the afternoon.ImageImageAnd on the fifth day, we crossed the mountains again.ImageImageImage

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One Response to Five Senses Monday

  1. The east side of the Sierras is awesome country to behold. And what a great reason to go: Mule Days! Love reading about & seeing your adventures. Always so REAL.

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