A little bit of lately

ImageThis week was a good one, but a busy one. I had every intention of sharing more on this space, but it never happened … and now it’s Friday. Great, wonderful, beloved Friday. I have very few significant plans for the weekend. My to-do list is very practical and includes things like vacuuming (whoa, dream big); gathering umbrellas and flip-flops, snow boots and tank tops for a vacation where the weather could be snowy one day and 100-degrees the next; welcoming a friend across the finish like of a half marathon (so proud); catching up on Grey’s Anatomy so I can watch the season finale next week (I think); eating more pearl cous cous salad with a twist.

What about you?ImageLunching with  my familia.ImageBlue shirt. Blue stone. Blue nails. Blue jeans. Creamy coffee.ImageGettin’ work done before vacation; if I don’t have time to swim, I’ll at least write poolside.ImageJust writing about food and Spanish wines.ImageI went to a fun birthday barbecue. Happy Birthday, Monica!ImageI decided to try running again. My body seems to have forgotten how. ImageThe sun before the rain.ImageHave a lovely weekend, friends.

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3 Responses to A little bit of lately

  1. mydogblog09 says:

    Great post collection!

  2. Maggie says:

    Pretty summery photos. Let’s swim soon!

  3. Maggie says:

    Also, love that pic of Monica! So cute!!

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