Not your stereotypical Oakland

ImageOnce again, I have been reminded that we can’t judge things in life by what other people say. Before last week, I just assumed Oakland streets were riddled with graffiti, guns and people who would rip my bag off my shoulder. OK, maybe not that extreme, but it’s not a place I ever cared to hang out; I never really gave it too much thought.

But last week, I went there twice. In one week! And both times were so much fun and I saw a whole new side of Oakland that no one ever talks about (mainly Old and downtown Oakland). I met artists and browsed cute boutiques in Old Town and had greyhounds — vodka and squeezed-in-front-of-me grapefruit — at an eclectic lounge that played Ragtime and vintage Elvis in the background.

So, it makes you wonder: What other gem districts am I missing out on because I’ve listened to the stereotypes? Have you felt this way about a place before?

These are few Hipstamatic iPhone photos from last week. I’ll be back soon to share my Piedmont Avenue, which I think may be my favorite street in Oakland (that I’ve been introduced to).ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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2 Responses to Not your stereotypical Oakland

  1. Maggie says:

    Yarnboming! Gnomes! And oh that yogurt. I loved that yogurt. So glad we had a relaxing day in a city I never thought I would explore either.

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