Five Senses … Wednesday

ImageHappy Wednesday, friends. I’m a few days late on Five Senses Monday, but I figure any time is a good time for reflection. I’ve been working on a lot of stuff lately. Taking and editing lots of photos of people and places. Driving all around, interview and writing about and photographing other people. Trying to help my legs remember how to run and my mouth how to remember to eat whole, clean, healthy foods.

Speaking of trying to stay on the healthy eating bandwagon, I’m planting a garden with my aunt. Yay! I’m mostly excited for tomatoes, because they are a life saver and just so incredibly tasty. We’re doing bell peppers, too, and squashes and peppers and cucumbers and other stuff to make summer plates so fresh and, you got it, healthy. So far, the only thing we’re actually eating are the lettuce greens and radishes. Hooray for a start.

And now, I’ll start in with the Five Senses. Play along, friends.

A homegrown radish, so spicy and fragrant. Pea shoots in my salad; I don’t know why I love those long little sprouts, but I do.

Harold, a yellow neighborhood cat, going door-to-door for a little lovin.’ Barks of my jealous dogs as they fight for attention when I walk through the door after work every day.

Blessed with new opportunities, but slightly exhausted in its own way. The anticipation of vacation … it always seems like it’s so far away and then it passes so fast once it’s arrived.

My homegrown salad every day.

Herbs for sale, pungent and mouthwatering.


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