Getting lost in the murals

ImageImageLife would be so much more interesting and colorful if every community covered its exteriors with this much paint. One of my favorite parts of San Francisco is walking along the walls of the Precita Eyes Mural Project. It’s in the Mission. It’s beautiful. It’s soft, yet edgy. Take a peek into this little ‘hood.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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3 Responses to Getting lost in the murals

  1. Gawd, you’re brilliant. Love your photos more than fresh blueberries. You’re magic….how do you do that? Really dig that hula-hoop girl….

  2. louisecoome says:

    We have a place like this in Bristol and I have to walk through it every day for college and I love it! There is always something new there 😀

  3. We have a few places like this in Sydney, I’ll have to go down and get a few shots like this.

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