Five Senses Monday

ImageHappy Monday, friends. This past week was a busy one, but extra fun because I got to see these cuties. My sister brought my niece Emmelia to town for lunch one day. We were craving hummus, but we failed on both attempts (one restaurant closed, the other was out!) We settled on chai from Dancing Fox (OMG). ImageImageEmmelia is her own little person now, so much personality … and attitude. Check out her Hollywood shades. She throws momma’s credit cards around like she’s anxious to start using them.ImageImageThen, Emmelia and her brother, Joseph, came to visit yesterday and we played on the longboard. I think I have more fun than they do.ImageI’m not quite sure if he’s playing a guitar or trying to ride:ImageAnd now, it’s time for Five Senses Monday, where I reflect on the past few days through the senses. Feel free to play along; it’s more fun that way.

More Island Black Bean Stew — I’m on a role. Hummus … I’ve been so addicted lately (edamame is my recent favorite). The best vanilla chai, ever. Roasted vegetables, done perfect with evoo, salt and pepper.

Whispers between a bride and her groom. Children laughing as they roll down the street. A silent puppy, a sign she’s doing something she shouldn’t be (in this case, tormenting the kitty). That one question — when? — constantly floating around my head, about so many things and situations.

Cooled off, when the bride and groom did a cannonball into the pool, wedding gown and all. The comfort of my worn, summertime cut-offs, back out for another fun season. That sleepy, headachy fuzziness that everyone tells me are allergies (dang you, allergies!).

Wildflowers growing, well, wild.

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3 Responses to Five Senses Monday

  1. Elissa Hernandez says:

    Awe…Thank you Lauren I love this blog!!

  2. Stacy says:

    Makes me homesick. I miss you guys … my family.

  3. Maggie says:

    That photo of Joseph and Emmelia is just the absolute cutest thing I’ve ever seen. That is all.

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