That pretty little graduate | Margarita

ImageI’m always sharing pictures from my kitchen, my travels, daily life, but I don’t always share one of my favorite parts of picture-taking: The people. It’s always fun when someone asks me to take photos of them, their families or an event because it gives me an excuse to shoot and play more than I can when I’m just shooting for fun.

Margarita and I recently met up at University of the Pacific, where she has been working hard toward her masters degree in special education. The clouds were heavy in the beginning, but that glowing, beautiful sunlight found Margarita as soon as she draped that earned gown around her shoulders.

Congratulations, Margarita! You’re already a spectacular teacher and mother; can’t wait to see what you do with this new fancy degree! xoxo, L


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4 Responses to That pretty little graduate | Margarita

  1. These are great shots…she is such a doll and you really captured her essence.

  2. mydogblog09 says:

    Hi, I’ve just nominated you for a liebster award, I hope I’ve done it right, check the link below to find out what it’s all about and for all the instructions etc


  3. Great job Lauren! Beautiful. You can really see her through your images!

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