Our little lightening storm | California

ImageIn California, it’s sometimes a big deal when we get to experience weather. Real weather. We don’t get many lightening or thunder storms. And while the Midwest experiences storms and record snowfall, I am sitting here content in my flip-flops.

But the other night, after a super special surprise birthday dinner, Maggie, my aunt and I were snuggling in and winding down as the sky began to flicker outside.

Here are few shots from the evening, each shot with the iPhone. I love the one lit up so much you can see hits of green foliage and a blue sky.

Have a lovely weekend, friends. What are your plans? I’m going to catch up on a couple movies, do some much-needed writing, plant some seeds in Jo’s garden and do some cooking. Even when they appear so simple, I always have big expectations for those weekend hours.


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2 Responses to Our little lightening storm | California

  1. Nice! I was driving like madwoman around Roseville trying to get some shots of the storm. Your came out great! Good work Urban Hippie!

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