Hiking Snow Canyon | Utah’s red rocks


I’ve shared tidbits from Utah here and here, but one of my favorite activities during our time in St. George was the hike in Snow Canyon. The rocks are bright red and grip to your shoes like Velcro. The canyon is filled with plants and white sand. The rocks are alive, and you don’t want to take them home (I tried, until I put them in my backpack just before it fell apart … later I learned that many who take rocks home end up mailing them back because too many weird events start happening). So, I have these photos of these gorgeous rocks and a wonderful afternoon as the crowned princess Lyanne celebrated 50.

ImageImageSuch fine sand:ImageThere was a ton of climbing:ImageLyanne and her momma, Teri.ImageAlone in the wilderness.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageSometimes, we had to slide down:ImageKim in the “bathtub” where Robert Redford sat in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”ImageThe group, with our guide, John.ImageA scary, steep climb:ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageGoing back down.ImageKim faces her fear of heights:ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageCan you believe John is 72? He loves exploring.ImageImageImageImageBirthday princess with the butterfly stones on Butterfly Trail:ImageOnward march:ImageClimbing over the ridge:ImageImageImageImageOxygen break:ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageLesson time:ImageImageImageGuess the herb …ImageImageImageImageOn the walk out. Next stop, lunch.

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One Response to Hiking Snow Canyon | Utah’s red rocks

  1. Your photos are fantastic! I may not know you, but I’m pretty jealous of your trip.
    You’re making me crave adventure even more than I already was . . . if that’s possible.

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