BIRTHDAY WEEK | Turning 30

It was 9 p.m.  I stood in the middle of my bedroom in a bathrobe, my wet hair wrapped in a towel turban. “These are the last three hours of my twenties,” I thought to myself. And then I started to cry.

It didn’t last long — the crying. But in those minutes, I felt scared and sad and disappointed and excited. I felt pathetic, so I texted my friends. And I felt like I needed to get dressed up and go somewhere and be some place amazing when the big 3-0 struck.

But, like the mature 30-year-old I was about to become, I told myself to go to bed early; the next day would be a busy one, with a very early start. And so I brushed my hair, which I decided needs to be cut when I’m a week or two into my thirties. I covered myself in scented lotion, which I hear is a pretty thirtysomething thing to do. I packed my overnight and workout bags, and knew it would be a relief to have everything ready to go the next morning … when I would wake up as a 30-year-old for the first time.

My friends responded to my freakouts on my last night of being 29, and their words made me smile before I drifted to sleep:

Lyanne: “Reminisce about it. Pray, smile, cry and bring in 30.”
Maggie: “Do not be freaked! You are entering your 30s girl!!! Think about all the stuff that’s happened in the last 10 years! Who know where we will all be in another 10?”
Jo: “Lol …. a towel and turban are good.”

So far, 30 is amazing. The entire week leading up to it was filled with wishes and birthday gifts. And the weekend was an amazing one of hanging out with people I don’t always get to see and soaking up all of that birthday love. I’m also embracing 30 the way I did when I was a teen, when I wanted to be 30 so bad because I saw it so full of opportunity and answers. I may not have all of the answers — or even road maps yet, but I’m continuously reminded to trust my journey and my choices, and I feel okay doing that.

This amazing week only got me excited for the new year. Maggie continued our tradition of birthday week, and gave me gifts for a week leading up to the big day. It’s the best. My aunt Jo organized a party with homemade pizzas and family and friends; we sat around one big table until the sun went down as if it were already summertime. And on Saturday, I was surprised with a dinner party including so many people I love dearly.

Here’s a little glimpse into birthday week.

I received so many precious gifts from friends and family throughout the week. Here’s a little collage of a few:ImageDay 1 of birthday week included a head massager (which I’ve always wanted), eyeglass bag, blender bottle, unicorn card and Anne Taintor pen and Post-It.ImageCute cards and wrapping every day:Image

Day 2: Coffee mugs Maggie had seen me eying on a recent shopping trip, a “Coffee is always a good idea” wall hanging and orange serving tray. Adorbs.ImageDay 3: Sofia Wine (to go with my former Sofia Coppola obsession), a tin of mints, Jolly Ranchers in an adorable tin and Cadbary mini eggs (my favorite).ImageMy baristas at Starbucks remembered my birthday all week long, and were always curious to hear what Maggie’s next gift would be. On Friday, my actual birthday, the entire Starbucks sang to me.ImageDay 4! ImageBirthday bootcamp. Trainer momma Lyanne made me work for each of my gifts. They were are very special and sweet — and worth the sweat.ImageBeautiful pink roses — a super special delivery from Cindy and Emma.ImageThey brought me a pretty pink balloon too.ImageThat night, we made homemade pizzas for a small group of friends and family. It only took our oven, the grill, and three neighbors’ ovens to cook all of the pizzas. Miraculously, they are turned out beautifully — and on time!ImageImageImageImageSangria. One of my favorites.ImageImageThis is the most-amazing candle I’ve ever seen. It flares up, then bursts open and lights each of the wics while it plays the birthday song. Almost four days later, the song is still playing (outside).ImageImageAt first they mocked, and then everyone loved the weird head massager.Image“I’m a real Dutch ‘Ovener’ now!” Aunt Jo gave me my first Dutch Oven, and my dad packed up a bin of all the supplies you can thing of. I’m ready for some summer cooking.ImageImageAnd on Saturday, Maggie gave me the biggest surprise, ever. What I thought was going to be a small “girls’ night” dinner, turned into a surprise party with so many of my favorite people. It was beautiful and I loved every second (except for when I was utterly speechless and turned as red as an heirloom tomato).ImageI love these people so much. I love them even more when they’re all together in the same room.ImageSo far, I love you, 30. Let’s keep it that way : )

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7 Responses to BIRTHDAY WEEK | Turning 30

  1. (Belated) Happy Birthday! Hope 30 continues to be amazing for you!

  2. Happy Birthday Lauren! I just nominated you for an award, you have a delightful blog:

  3. mydogblog09 says:

    Wow! Sounds like you had an amazing week, love all the pictures!;)

  4. liz says:

    happy birthday, lauren!!! it looks and sounds like your day was filled with beauty, laughter, and love. and by, the way, your 30s are the best… it only keeps getting better!! trust me. 🙂

  5. Pam says:

    My 30s were some great years. And, by the way, you don’t have to cut your hair just because you are 30. 🙂

  6. clutterheart says:

    Sounds wonderful! You are surrounded by so many people that love you. I freaked out almost 7 years ago when I crossed the twenty to thirty bridge too. From a seven year veteran to you dear birthday girl, my third decade has brought me more happiness, love, money, courage and health than the second has so far. Most likely because I’m more aware of the gift of waking up healthy, feeling youthful and optimistic about my life as it unfolds. I wish you blessings as you enter into your third decade revolving the sun dear Urban Hippie.

  7. Maggie says:

    Aww, let’s go back to birthday week! It was oh-so-much-fun! The collage of gifts was pretty outstanding. Never doubt how many people love, love, love you.

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