Seven girls in Utah

We all have those things that are good for us, but never seem to do. For me, it’s drinking water like I should. Getting my hair cut more than once a year. Detailing the interior of my car. Things like buying a mattress pad.

Or going on a retreat with strong women to get a good dose of “unplugging,” love, inspiration and laughter.

When one of my favorite people on the planet, my friend and “trainer momma” Lyanne, invited me to celebrate her 50th birthday with her and the special women in her life, I was honored, though a little nervous.

Splurging on a trip to a mountain resort with things like fitness classes and spa treatments and fancy meals is not something I’d normally do, ever. It was money I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend. It was time away from work and home. There were going to be people I didn’t know. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was in for.

But it was an amazing soulful experience from the beginning, and I quickly fell in love with each of the ladies in our group. It was refreshing to have so many different personalities all intertwining as we did things together and separately.

It made me realize how important it is to get away to focus on each other and yourself. While some of us soaked in the hot tub, some did bootcamp workouts. We all tried Nordic Walking together, as well as sat through a cooking demo. Some of us did aquatics, while others pumped iron on straps hanging from the ceiling. Birthday girl got a massage, while the rest of us lounged in the sun with cocktails in our hands.

It was one of the most peaceful vacations I’ve ever had. Going all the way to Utah helped us “be in the moment,” as Lyanne says, and not focus on the responsibilities in real life.

I recommend a girl’s trip to every girl out there. Gather your favorites, and a few of your favorites’ favorites … you’ll probably love them, too. Save and splurge. Or stay close to home. I’m already thinking of the next girl’s trip, and I can’t wait.

Here are few snapshots from the iphone. I’ll share photos from the hike very soon.

xoxo, Lauren

.  .  .  .  .  .  .

Boas and Bloody Marys: The girlies before loading our first flight:ImageSomewhere over the west:ImageBirthday girl Lyanne and me; plus our in-flight cocktails:ImageIn flight, a boa between her legs and Lyanne’s packed sandwich:ImageSusan holds on tight; Teri smiles big, as always:ImageRep’n Red Mountain Resort:ImageAt dinner, night 1:ImageJen’s duck and brulee banana split. Everything was amazing:ImageI found a hammock early on. It was my one goal:ImageIn the morning, Jen and I explored as the sun was coming up over the ridge. Gorgeous, I tell you:ImageHammocking. Yes, it’s a verb:ImageHot tubbin’:ImageImageJen’s first attempt:ImageThe spa:ImageImageLava!ImageImageImageKim, aka, Blue Man Group:ImageWe went Nordic Walking. Love it:ImageImageMore food!ImageImageBathrobes and cocktails — Lifestyles of the rich and famous:ImageImageLyanne bubble wrapped the Cabernet, and then held it like a small child:ImageJohn, our friendly resort hero, drove us to the State Store, the only place in Utah you can buy hard alcohol. It’s so weird:ImageAnd more food. Food!ImageImageOMG, this island black bean stew is a-h-m-a-z-i-n! We learned how to make it in a cooking demo.ImageImageThe one time Lyanne rested:ImageLounging after an aquatics class:ImageImageGood sleep found here:ImageAll dolled up with boas for Lyanne’s Birthday celebration:ImageOur favorite birthday girl.ImageImageCHEERS!ImageImageOne big ball of girl love.ImageMaking a wish that counts:ImageAfter dinner and before more cocktails, we marched outside in our bathrobes to release the balloons. Yippee.ImageAnd then there was the flight home. The one that was cancelled and rescheduled. The one that kept three of us there, having fun, for like 12 hours or something deliriously crazy like that. Here, they are confused by Lyanne’s texting. There were a few beers and good eats and some monkeying around on the airport equipment. Oh, and some monkeying yoga, too — but Susan did that all by herself. Image

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3 Responses to Seven girls in Utah

  1. awww…these shots are the best! What a group of gorgeous gals….looks like a had a total blast! Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience… seeing you so happy!!

  2. katya says:

    What a wonderful and exiting trip you had, lovely pictures, I´m sure you had a great time:)

  3. Maggie says:

    Yay lady time! Sometimes you need that!

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