The light at the barn party

ImageImagePeople are interesting, aren’t they? Life is interesting. I’m continually fascinated by peoples’ habits, their outlooks, their circles. I think that’s why I love writing about people for a living. I get to look into these little corners of life that are not my own. People let me in, trusting — and hoping — that I will get it. Get them. Usually, I do — sometimes in more twisted ways than others.

The other night I was invited into one of these circles. It wasn’t for work this time; I was invited by a friend of a friend of a friend. I was told we were going to a barn party. Assumingly, visions of a country band and cowboy hats started playing in my head. Again, I was reminded that I can’t assume anything. No preconceived notions, Lauren.

It was a different kind of barn party, though thoroughly interesting in itself. It was a gathering for horse lovers at a beautiful equestrian center in the country. Stalls were filled with magnificent Clydesdale horses. Large puppy dogs wander for hugs and passed out in the breeze. And Kutzmann carriages were parked like cars around the barn.

The people were friendly and inviting, and didn’t even seem to care that I haven’t been on a horse since I was, oh, maybe 7. Maybe. They showed me around the barns and training facility and introduced me to the Clydesdales and told me of their unique personalities. Then, we ate pulled pork sandwiches and carnitas tacos and sat down for the evening’s draw: a lecture on equine dentistry (If I wanted a horse before this lecture, I don’t now. Humans screw up horse’s mouths so easily).

As I sipped my red wine from a Starbucks cup during the PowerPoint presentation in the massive barn, I looked around, amazed that I was amongst another circle in the world. Some people have church. Some have their offices. Their yoga rooms. Or their knitting circles. Others have equestrian circles, where they can come together and talk about mouth bits and carriage problems with the only other people they know who will understand them. It’s fascinating. Always fascinating.

Here are a few iPhone shots from the evening. Beautiful, huh?ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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