The labyrinth on the sea

ImageImageThe song is sort of right. Sometimes, it’s easy to feel “Stuck in Lodi.” But propped right in the middle of the mountains and the big Pacific, Lodi also allows us to get out of town easily when we get that urge to be someplace else. One of my go-to places is the city. San Francisco, across that bay, with all its culture and music and pastel buildings and food, is only over the hill.

Last weekend, Maggie and I had a girl’s weekend in the city when her mom flew in from St. Louis. The storms in the midwest kept her flight grounded for an extra day, but Maggie and I used that time to get our nature on. Instead of diving into shopping and city life, we lost ourselves in the trees and rocky shores of the Bay. Maggie had seen a pretty beach scene on Instagram the week before and said, “I want to be there.”

Turns out, it was Mile Rock Beach, and it is connected to Land’s End and the labyrinth that was already special to me. It’s the place friends and I had hiked to a couple of years before, with a friend who died of cancer a few months after (that hike blogged here). The afternoon became a much-needed one of peace and reflection.ImageImageYou start at Land’s End, where there is a parking lot at restroom just above the Sutro Baths. There is a pathway leading out of the parking lot to the hike. ImageSwoon. Loved the lighting that afternoon.ImageYes, you get your view of the Golden Gate. ImageImageImageImageAfter you walk down many, many stairs and follow a few twists, you’ll find Mile Rock Beach. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageI don’t think a lot of people know about the labyrinth, but it’s just up the hill from Mile Rock Beach. There’s a pathway cut in the tall grass; just follow that. When it’s not really windy, people leave offerings in the center, like painted rocks or small notes.ImageImageImageImageImageWe made a toast to our friend Laura from the top of the labyrinth. ImageImageImageImageIt was a gorgeous afternoon.

All photos were taken by me with both my Canon DSLR and iPhone (using various Hipstamatic lenses and “film”).

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4 Responses to The labyrinth on the sea

  1. These pictures are awe inspiring! Thank you for sharing your adventure!

  2. I love that afternoon light too. Beautiful shots.

  3. I’m sure Laura was right there with you…so glad you’re such a soulful chick. 🙂

  4. Maggie says:

    Laura would of sure appreciated our dedication to the toast with that wind. This was such a relaxing and fun day. We need more of these in our lives.

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