This is January | Instagram challenge 2013

I kind of pride myself on not being too materialistic. I don’t need — or like, really — super fancy clothes. I want flip-flops over expensive boots or heels any day. I’d rather have a good earthy sandwich on chunky homemade bread than fois gras or duck a l’orange. My dream home has open windows and space where I can get messy in a dark room or pottery room (no gaudy chandeliers or high-maintenance appliances allowed).

But, friends, all of this goes out the window when it comes to my phone. I mean, my texting and Instagramming machine. Because who actually talks on the phone anymore? Not me. I have the iPhone 5, but I was the same way even when I had the iPhone 3 for way too long. I mainly love my phone for the camera. When my iPhone 3’s camera stopped focusing, I couldn’t handle anymore. That’s really why I upgraded.

So two of my favorite things in the are the Instagram and Hipstamatic apps. Instagram is the social network where people upload photos to share. And Hipstamatic is simply a camera within the phone that allows you to switch out lenses and various films. It’s fun, and sadly, my phone gets chosen over my big DSLR more than I like to admit.

So, all of that to say, I’m in love with my le iPhone camera apps. Admit it, you are too. Or you would be if you dared to explore just a tad. Do it!

Last month, I started an Instagram challenge, where we are prompted to capture different things throughout the day. We’ll see if I go the entire year; for now, I’m just enjoying shooting when I feel like it.

Here is last month’s. If you want to follow me on Instagram, I’m simply TheUrbanHippie. Or you can check in here. Are you on Instagram?


1/1 – Today. Because this might be all today consists of, and I’m okay with that.


1/2 – Something new. New beginnings. Prepping to make green healthy juice. Apples, spinach, cucumber, celery, ginger root, parsley, lemon and lime.


1/3 – Heart. Mirror from trip to Mexico City.


1/4 – The view from here. Creepily empty Downtown Lodi in the early morning.


1/5 – Movement. Hands prepping the salmon.


1/5 – Movement. My niece Emmelia learning to walk on her own.


1/6 – Mine. Dinner.


1/7 – Street. Cars on the street tonight


1/8 – Something that starts with T. Theater. Night at the SJ International Film Festival.


1/9 – Paper. On my desk. Loving my artful new planner by Orange Circle Studio.


1/10 – 1 o’clock. Lunch at Dancing Fox with Maggie.


1/11 – Water. Flaming water in a trippy painting. Did anyone notice the iPhone in the painting?


1/12 – Surprise. Saturday morning date with dad: Breakfast and skydiver-watching.


1/14 – Something yellow. Bananas!


1/15 – An ordinary moment. Three dogs in bed with me.


1/16 – Two things. Actually, 16.


1/17 – Ready. Ready to turn on my computer and edit pages.


Day 18 – Shadow. Of a tree on a cute camper.


1/19 – Delicious. Avocados


1/20 – Something I saw. A boxer in the mirror.


1/21 – What I do. Work at a newspaper.


1/22 – Corner. Corner of my #bedroom.


1/23 – Electric. Light switch.


1/24 – Stripes. Maggie’s sweater


1/25 – Landscape. While driving – that’s all I got today.


1/26 – Together. Two front teeth.


1/27 – Sun. Bummer I totally missed the sun today so I scoured Barnes and Noble’s book covers for a sun. A harder task than expected. And I forgot to switch to color in Hipstamatic.


1/28 – Through. Campers through the viewfinder of a Kodak Duaflex camera.

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2 Responses to This is January | Instagram challenge 2013

  1. Cynthia says:

    I am especially drawn in by the black and white images. Not sure I’ll ever use instagram but I do appreciate how you are using it. 😉

  2. Well…you’ve just about convinced me I need an i phone…dammit! Your project & my Project Life scrap booking thing need to get together!

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