ImageOne thing that breaks my heart is the sight of an empty building. Especially if it’s just bare bones and remnants of a business that has been forced to close. I always wonder what happened to the people who were once excited to be opening a business. What happened to all of the stuff, all of those diner coffee mugs and bottles of Heinz 57?

The other day, I was going to go work at my favorite Stockton coffeehouse, Java Aroma (the one on Grand Canal), and was so sad to see it is closed for good. My biggest disappointment was the closing of my favorite Galt pizza joint, Pizza Palace, many years ago. Then there are those places I never knew, but can so vividly imagine their stories. Those places like the old Sunset Theater that is so taken over by pigeons and Blewett’s ice cream, that cute little storefront that is still stocked with metal chairs covered in that shiny red vinyl and dishes still on the shelf.

So I think it’s really cool when someone decided to give life to those old buildings before they become so rundown that they have to be boarded up for good. I think that’s why I love this Old Town Galt restaurant, Brewsters, so much. Their building is old and their food is classic. They have a partial glass floor that lets you see into the wine cellar, and a third-floor lounge filled with plush vintage furniture. Their food is really good, too.

I wrote about Brewsters the other day, and couldn’t help but snap away in their beautiful space.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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3 Responses to Brewsters

  1. Maggie says:

    That place does have a wonderful 1920s vibe. I love that red plush couch and your first picture is oh so pretty! We need to go visit again.

  2. Oh these looks so delicious! Wonderful pictures, the place looks beautiful and cosy!

  3. JSD says:

    You’ve provided a great picture history of the building. Thanks.

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