Bits and pieces of the holidays

It’s hard to believe today is the 22nd of January. It seems we were just setting filling the Thanksgiving table with scrumptious dishes and singing Christmas carols at holiday concerts. Now, here we are, 22 days into 2013, with our resolutions still intact — right? I hope so.

I thought I should hurry and share the last of my holiday season photos, just little snippets red and green life from December. There were days on my mom’s couch with my sister and visiting brother, lots more time around the table and fun things under the Christmas tree.

Here’s a peak into this simple life.

I won a gift basket for entering an office potluck. I think it’s one of the best baskets that have ever been given:Image

My little brother is all grown up with his cars and motorcycle and military career that’s taken him to Afghanistan at least a half dozen times, but he’s still the goofball he was when we were annoying each other as children:Image

More lounging and watching scary movies with the siblings:ImageChristmas trees and lights:ImageImageImage

Stockings (or a cement guy’s work socks) hung over a chimney (or wood stove) with joy.Image

Cold day mornings:Image

A holiday-themed bootcamp workuot. Image

A glass jar terrarium of Glass Beach from my lovely sister-in-law.Image

The best Nutcracker.ImageDog toys under the tree.ImageMargaritas in the Christmas light.ImageSnacks:ImagePersimmons are holiday nectar:ImageImageNo words:ImageBrother on the couch; Sara watching over.ImageSomeone in my house had a thing for flavored egg nog. I choose plain.ImageBest leftovers, ever:ImageChristmas Eve Apples to Apples:ImageWe decorated the trees in Downtown with Christmas ornaments.ImageGoodbye holidays of 2012. You were fun.

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One Response to Bits and pieces of the holidays

  1. Maggie says:

    I still have not seen that super cute glass terrarium. I will need to make a trip to Stockton just for that.

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