Five Senses Monday

Well, it’s Monday again. Honestly, though, last Monday seems so long ago. This past week was one that kind of dragged on. I had a couple of dinners with friends at the beginning of the week, and now I keep thinking, “That was only a few days ago? It feels like it’s been weeks.” Sometimes that just happens. It’s not a bad thing, just interesting.

Did you do anything interesting this weekend or in past week? Image

I took an afternoon walk with Maggie. Image

I played with a rowdy boxer.Image

The ice drops froze on an iron pole.Image


Maggie, the Instagram girl.Image

One day I will have a porch.Image

I was looking for shadows.Image


I made a photo book of my dad’s time in the hospital to remind him to make good choices in life, and to remind him that he said he’d never go through that again. I wrote about that time here. He asked me to make the book for him; I did, thinking it would make a difference, but now I’m too aware that lifestyles are hard to change even when you see the big picture in 40 pages of black and white.

I said I thought he was cute, and then they said he’ll be cuter for breakfast.Image

My friend is a man who likes to bake. But does it count if he tries to make cement-colored frosting?

We made loaves of bread when we ran out of bierocks filling.Image



Driving miss boxer. Image

And now it’s time for Five Senses Friday. Play along! Have a great week!

The flavors that we joke is the mingling of a Missourian and a German: A traditional meal just like my grandma always made, bierocks (German turnovers stuffed with cabbage, ground beef and onion), fried potatoes, beans and a pea salad. We call it an okie meal, but they say the official okie meal includes meatloaf instead of the bierocks. It reminded me of dinners at grandma’s.

Dough between my fingers. A boxer’s tongue on my cheek oh-so-early in the morning. My fingers against warm donkeys, who enjoyed an afternoon in the sun. The annoying pain in my foot that has turned me into a gimp after Friday night’s 6.4 mile run. Sad that you can’t make people do what is right.

A boxer chasing chickens after I forgot to close the gate (no chickens were harmed, thank God). Dough rise and rise and rise — until the tops expanded out of the bowls.

The football games in the background. A voicemail from a friend who’s been gone so very long, at least it seems that way. A pastor’s heartfelt message.

Guacamole loaded with spices, cheese, tomatoes and onion. Strong coffee. The fire burning around the clock.

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2 Responses to Five Senses Monday

  1. Cynthia says:

    Great caption with the cow. 😉

  2. Maggie says:

    This makes me feel so relaxed and missing the farm. Those little bread loaves are so cute, and I bet they were delicious!

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