Another year of quirky Festivus


Festivus. A holiday for the rest of us. That’s how we played up the Dec. 23 “Seinfeld” tradition: With an unadorned “Festivus pole,” “Airing of Grievances” for the year, “Feats of Strength” (a Liar’s Dice battle) and nine-beast stew (aka cioppino). My friend Mia hosts the fun and, oh, interesting evening every year, and I haven’t missed a Festivus since I first experienced it. It’s definitely one of my favorite Christmas traditions. Image
Locals wines and treats before the beast feast.Image
I love Mia’s collections.Image
Salmon prep.ImageImage
Lots and lots of seafood.ImageImageImageImage
The final product.ImageImageImageImage
The best cake of my life.Image
This is the Festivus Cup. Whoever wins Liar’s Dice must display this beauty in a place of importance for an entire year.Image
And here it is, the Festivus pole.Image

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One Response to Another year of quirky Festivus

  1. Maggie says:

    That cake looks so damn amazing. I really wish I could of made it this year. Maybe next year I’ll modify my travel plans!

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