My year in review | April through July

Happy New Year, friends! It’s almost time to step into 2013, but I’m still a little caught up in the highlights of 2012. Here is a little recap of my year, particularly April through July. It’s been fun. I’m looking forward to a season of newness though, aren’t you?

A day in Monterey blog-luvpt_7994 blog-luvpt_8025Summertime.lately-2I found the perfect place to work: on a blanket by the lake.lake-13A family hike.  monterey_7785monterey_7880A birthday bash continued.invite-blogparty_7621party_75831party_76281party_76331I loved my tin can garden.
tin_6095 tin_8252 A shelf of tiny things.tiny1Skateboarding with Sara. walk_5454A trip to Tahoe.5_6903We said goodbye to my uncle, and a neighborhood flew their flags. 5_7313 A Tahoe eclipse.20120519-073847 film-tahoe-4 moon-2tahoe_6606 tahoe_6630 tahoe_6651Some fun gals went to prom.prom_6103And some roller derby girls battled it out.derby_6131 Cindy kayaked for the first time.
kayak_7781kayak_7799I walked Relay for Life for loved ones.relay1relay15I love summer hues.5-july-9I went camping at the beach. 31 41 71 blog-dillon_7238 bodega-1 We grilled fruit.
grill-1 grill-5 grill-13I climbed a sand mountain. hill-16

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3 Responses to My year in review | April through July

  1. Wow! What a journey! Beautiful! You are so freakin’ talented with that camera girl….blows my mind every time!!!

  2. Maggie says:

    Lauren, those summer hue pics are wonderful. You really should make a print of that for your wall. They make me want to jump in a pool, eat grilled pineapple and grow some veggies.

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