My year in review | January through March

Hi, friends. I can’t believe 2012 is already coming to an end. My what a year, huh? It’s always fun looking back through the posts from the year, at all of the memories and fun times. I’ve pulled out a few of my favorites from the beginning of 2012 to share with you … again. What are your favorite memories from 2012?

We started the year with a new niece.3adoreMy photos of Salvation Mountain were published in L’Officiel magazine. 5-40 There was gingerbread and mochas.11 I tried to participate in a photo-a-day challenge.13-bagI started reading Kinfolk. 14-reading Ready to roll.15-happiness Ate at a lot of diner with Maggie.
27 Spotted this tree.291I made Harold and Maude earrings out of beer caps. art_2231Emmelia kept growing.
em-blog-2 I watched Andrea make soap.soap_2110 soap_6291C. and I wandered the flea market.flea_3759 Locke, my favorite place.locke_3388 locke_3389 I discovered the Old Sugar Mill.mill_7078And spent 24 hours in San Francisco. sf2b sf6 sf12 sf15 sf16 sf28 sf33 I took Sophia and Joseph out to shoot in Downtown.
ss0 I photographed words in my house.words_3966I babysat the kiddos and we made thin mint pizza.1

 2_4685 And picnicked and played.
5_4630 5_7409 12 16 19 I soaked in a hot tub.
513-1 Maggie started birthday week!bday1I cooked a lot. food3And went hiking. muir_7277And had a birthday party at a skating rink. party121skate15

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5 Responses to My year in review | January through March

  1. Sam says:

    You always look like you have the so much fun! (Where do you get your ideas?!) Bravo, 2012! I look forward to you 2013 posts!

  2. I love all of these fotos….some of your very best!

  3. Maggie says:

    Eee, this is all so fun! I’m so glad you came to San Fransisco, even if it was only for 24 hours — we fit in so much! And your birthday was probably the cutest party I have ever thrown. I want to do another smaller version (maybe like a spring party?) and break out those straws and cute plates. And more roller skating, please.

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