Rainy day roadtrip

jackson_4161 Sunday was really went and stormy, the kind of wet of stormy that makes you want to stay inside in your pajamas and watch movies while the wind gusts outside. But we didn’t do that. My whole family and I loaded into my parents’ car and made the trek through pounding rain and flooded roads to my grandparent’s house. jackson-1I didn’t mind being in the backseat. It was good downtime, time to watch my niece sleep in her Uggs and hole-y jeans and see the scenery through raindrops on the window. I was cozy in pajamas, a big sweater and snow socks. jackson_4158I read my new issue of Kinfolk. jackson-2And even beaded a necklace on a crocheted blanket on my lap.jackson_4149 Grandma’s house was warm and cozy, and smelled of bean soup and apple cider. jackson_4225 She is the queen of trinkets and treasures. I like spotting all the new things, including my friend Cindy’s pretty girl art. In another corner, I found more of Cindy’s paintings and my prints.  jackson-3 Corners of grandma’s home:jackson-4I claimed a spot on the living room floor and dug through a giant basket of family photographs. They are the rejects that never made it into the scrapbooks, but I love the pile of family photos I took home with me (I’ll post some soon).jackson_4269We drove home just before it got dark.jackson_4276 It was a lovely day.jackson_4288


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3 Responses to Rainy day roadtrip

  1. oh so sweet, love this post. Did you notice that cloud shaped like a heart?

  2. Maggie says:

    This sounds like a nice way to spend a Sunday. Sleeping in a car while it’s raining is one of the best feelings. And Kinfolk!!! I’m loving reading it!

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