California from the train window

I fell in love with the rail system this weekend. The long windows. The golden tree tops. The snow-covered tracks breezing by, one peg at a time. The pigeons in the train station. The homemade mimosas. The rail employees and their vests and those little hats. Those hours where you sit back and look outside and laugh with the people around you.

We arrived at the Sacramento train station in a limo Saturday and boarded the California Zephyr. It took us through a historic stretch of California railway, over the Sierras and into Nevada. The train continues through to Chicago, which I’m thinking may have to be my next train destination. Because it’s all magical I tell you.That light. Those pigeons.My aunt and I,  and our ride to the train station:We are always well-prepared. OJ and mini champagne bottles = mimosas.Magic.And snow!I love California.

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4 Responses to California from the train window

  1. Cindy says:

    fun fotos! Love the one of you by the limo….you look adorable!

  2. bexadler says:

    Great pic of you! Don’t think we wouldn’t notice that you snuck one of you in there 🙂

    Love your pictures, as always. You’re making me heartsick for home.

  3. martha esch says:

    you are looking great! Send me your diet secret, girlfriend!

  4. Maggie says:

    Even taking the train through mid-Missouri when there were not leaves on the trees was just so wonderful. This is giving me an itch for more train travel. We need to do the Sacramento to San Fran train sometime too, it goes right along the Bay.

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