Where the apples grow

Happy Friday, friends. I hope you are looking forward to the weekend. I will be out and about a little, but mostly I’m looking forward to hibernating with movies and crafts. It’s been too long since my hands have been covered in Mod Podge and my carpet covered in tiny bits of paper scraps.

These are a few photos from a recent day trip to Apple Hill. Aren’t day trips the greatest? This one was especially fun because I feel like it ushered in the change of the seasons. I love the colors of this time of year, and the idea of celebrating harvest. With it, I also love all of those things we try so hard to enjoy: The apple donuts and fritters, the homemade pies and that sugary spiced cider.

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2 Responses to Where the apples grow

  1. JSD says:

    I love your pictures!

  2. fkbs says:

    this blog is crazyawesome, every time.. thanks for the general pick-me-up at all hours ❤

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