Hello little surfing village

A few more beautiful hours during last week’s trip to Fort Bragg were spent watching the waves and people in the little surfing village at Point Arena. There were plenty of old hippies, rays of sun, off-the-leash pups, weed puffs floating in the air, Volkswagens and beach pebbles. I loved the old guys here. It would be fun to spend an afternoon talking with them.And back at camp … just some snippets.I had fish and chips for the first time. Yummy.I’m on the hunt for a wash machine drum to convert into a fire pit.We made monkey bread in the Dutch oven one morning.Voila:Getting toasty again:Some sea foliage to take home.The bright green makings for our favorite pea salad:Keep the champagne chilled even while camping. We forgot our ice bucket, but found a stock pot works great, too:

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2 Responses to Hello little surfing village

  1. chelseadownbythesea says:

    You’re my new favorite blogger ! Love the pics

  2. dannybeattie says:

    Love that cross-processed look!

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