The bluffs at MacKerricher

I think the most beautiful stretch of beach I’ve ever seen is along the Mendocino coastline, where red bluffs fall into frothy waters and big peaks the color of coal appear to bob above the surface. This coastline was the centerpiece of our camping trip to Fort Bragg last week. Every day, we went a different direction, exploring the subtly different lookouts and paths.

This was from a hike along the bluffs at MacKerricher State Park. You start on the wood path, but everyone hops off onto trails that take you deeper into the park.

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3 Responses to The bluffs at MacKerricher

  1. ava avione says:

    flauren.. i would have loved to have been with you on this your latest adventure… so beautiful… love ava

  2. kirasuze says:

    I am so envious. Beautiful photos…all of them! My boyfriend, his brother and I have been wanting to visit there for the last couple years. We are from the San Joaquin Valley so it’s quite a drive! I have to ask…did you see any restrictions for dogs there? We got a mini shepherd mix that we’d love to accompany us 🙂

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