Five Senses Monday

It started raining today, and I was ready for the drizzle. I’m ready to eat soups out of bowls while sitting on the couch under a blanket. I have this craving for warm chai and hot chocolate. I want to be cozy and comfortable and calm.

I’m feeling ready for this season. Are you?

It’s once again time for Five Senses Monday, where I reflect on the last few days through the senses. Play along!

Olive oil, garlic and spices as “sun-dried” tomatoes roasted in the oven for hours and hours … It made me crave pastas and pizzas and garlic bread. Hay in the morning, when everything smells so fresh (though I think it has given me my first bout with allergies). The rich chocolatey aroma of my first diner hot chocolate of this chilly season.

Quiet lately; introspective. Like what I want is changing. Unsettled about the future. So peaceful in the country; missing it now. Cold, as I sit here in a heavy sweatshirt and thick socks.

Fresh salmon, caught and grilled for me by my dad. Apricot Brandy shared with my aunts until 2 in the morning as we sat around laughing and sharing stories after I picked them up from the airport. The last of the summer’s tomatoes eaten like apples, one after the other, while standing in the garden.

Donkeys bray so loudly when they hear my car in the driveway. Rain on my window early in the morning.

The darkness of morning; I’ve been waking up every day before the sun rises. Cookies brown under the oven’s light.

That’s all I can think of for now. What about you?

About the photos: The cutest camper ornament was a gift my aunt picked up on her trip somewhere near Chicago; I love it, and it will stay out year-round. Her sweet, adorable kitty, Puss-Puss. While I was staying out there, I did some chores … even the chores are beautiful in golden sunlight. Fuchsia roses. Curing a hot chocolate craving. 

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4 Responses to Five Senses Monday

  1. What a great way to celebrate Monday, usually the worst of days. I love the concept … it makes me very nostalgic for things I don’t quite remember.

  2. Shannon Faris-Parnell says:

    I cover that trailer ornament! Adorable. And some hot cocoa sounds just about right…

  3. Maggie says:

    That diner hot chocolate looks delicious, and makes me wish my coffee was that. I’m ready for soups too and days filled with movies and reading books and the feeling of chilly air as I hide under covers.

  4. I really enjoy following your blog and your photos are great. I have nominated your blog for “One Lovely Blog Award”. If you want to accept the award, please check my blog for rules, etc.

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