Five Senses Monday, from sunrise to sunset

I’ve been staying in a lot, enjoying those simple, quiet, solitary things. I made a pot of beef stew this week that simmered for hours. I stacked a chopped-down tree into a tower just because the motion of lifting and releasing seemed routine and tranquil. It may be the change in the air, the sprinkles that teased us with winter this week. It may be the confusion my body feels, never knowing if we’re going to have a 90-degree day or overcast skies. Whatever it is, it feels good. Have you been getting the urge to curl up more, to cuddle with a fuzzy blanket and hot mug? To show up late to work because you’re just too into that novel? To all those hearty bakes and stews because your toes are cold?

It’s time for Five Senses Monday, where I reflect on the past few days through the five senses. Play along in the comments or on your own blog.

Homemade tacos, shared with new and old friends who visited me for dinner one night.

Excited that a friend will soon have a baby boy for us to love on.

The cat purring from her buried nook under the covers.

Skies turn dark and eerie one night as the sun faded.

The can of beer, garlic and meat being heated through in my stew.

Here are just a few photos from my week, starting with the sunrise. I love being able to wake up to this once in a while:Morning chores and visiting with the animals.I stop for a picture and these impatient girls raid my buckets of scratch and crumbles.Friends visited me this weekend. We made dinner one night, and they enjoyed coffee and their reading on the porch the next morning.Abby made us breakfast burritos after chores. There was stew for one. Warm and cozy and fed me all week.Then the sky turned dark and gray, and I wondered if we’d see a tornado drop down. Not really, but I have a vivid imagination.The sun set, and it was beautiful.

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3 Responses to Five Senses Monday, from sunrise to sunset

  1. Katherine says:

    I love your sunset photos! Were they taken on a camera or your phone?

  2. Shannon Faris-Parnell says:

    Something so wonderful about friends who can sit a spell quietly reading and enjoying the time. And, of course, the pics are marvelous.

  3. A Dog With Fleas says:

    This is my first time on your blog and I love the idea of this post. What a wonderful way to share your week. And the photos were gorgeous. Will definitely be back.

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