And then we crush | Home winemaking, part II

I feel blessed to have the kinds of friends I do, the friends who trust their hands to create new things and aren’t afraid to get a little dirty. My friends and I picked wine grapes a few weekends ago in hopes that those purple grapes would be crushed and fermented and transformed into lovely wines. It’s a learning process for us, and I think that’s the best part. Here is another look at the process so far, from harvesting of a second vineyard to crushing in friends’ backyard.
Let the crush begin:The cellar.Sweet, sweet nectar.Pulling these little guys out. It’s gross, but someone’s gotta do it. (And you’re right, it wasn’t me).The final step. Beer in one hand. Smile on the face. A happy winemaker.

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3 Responses to And then we crush | Home winemaking, part II

  1. Looks like you guys had a great time. I hope your hard work pays off! (Miss you, Mike and Andrea!)

  2. Girl Friday says:

    Great photos!!

  3. Matt says:

    This is an amazing way to capture both the winemaking process as well as the fun you had doing it. I really enjoyed this!

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