Five Senses Monday

Happy Monday. It was a full weekend packed into a Saturday, Sunday and one short Friday night. Did you enjoy it?

I’m back with Five Senses Monday, where I reflect on the last few days through the five senses. I’d love if you shared your own senses or played along on your own blog.

Close to 30 creations — from corn beef and cabbage to enchilada casserole and paprika chicken — at a Dutch Oven Gathering.

“We did it,” after my friend Lyanne and I made another successful meal using the grill that intimidates us both.

A change in the air. I’m wearing closed-toed shoes and a sweater today. It’s a rarity.

“The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” my favorite coming-of-age novel turned into a screenplay and directed by the author. We watched it at the old Tower Theater in Sacramento on a sunny Sunday afternoon. (And yes, we loved it; it followed the book so closely and even cleared up a few questions).

Cloves of garlic sizzling in a cast-iron wok.

And now, here are a few photos from life lately. Have a lovely week.

A Dutch Oven Cookoff that didn’t disappoint. I helped make monkey bread for the morning’s set-up and then I made chili relleno casserole and garlic green beans in a cast iron wok for dinner (more on this event in a few days):A morning at dad’s house:Redefining classy. Pizza on a picnic table and Sofia Coppola Rose:I love cooking with friends. Lyanne and I grilled thin steaks for a lovely Asian salad for Friday girl’s night, and then she made a tasty Saturday morning breakfast, too:Last weekend, my sister, Maggie and I spent the afternoon in Sacramento, doing a little art store and thrift shopping and watching “Perks.” We also had lunch and cocktails at the yummy Tower Cafe:

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