Castles of the river

Ever since I first kayaked beside these floating homes on the river, I’ve wanted to live in one. I imagine they are magical with big comfy beds covered in quilts, worn shelves filled with old books like “Gulliver’s Travels ” and “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and patios, where fresh-caught fish is grilled nightly.

Growing up, my cousin had a house — not a houseboat, but a home made of wood and nails — that floated on the Sacramento River. The summer memories from that nook on the river are some of my favorite.

These are some images from a run along the levee the other night with my little sister. She’d never been back there to see these little homes that get more ramshackled each year I visit.

Do you have any hidden gems like these near your home?

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2 Responses to Castles of the river

  1. Cool! I have been interested in the pump houses along the river. Check out the photo on my blog. We have been investigating the area around Sacramento and recording what we find! I will check here often!

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