Let’s all have campers on the sea shore

I don’t need a mansion in Malibu. Or a pristine white yacht on the Caribbean. Or a condo on Fifth Avenue.

All I want — all I need, friends — is an itty bitty tin camper on the sand, 1950s curtains, rusted propane tanks, pink flamingos and all.

I’m pretty sure I can make a healthy living selling homemade seashell necklaces, hanging succulents and bowls of campstove clam chowder. What do you think?

I think it sounds awesome. I think it sounds like home.

Here is a look around “my” neighborhood (What — can’t a girl have a beach-bumming dream?), the little village that is hanging on as new laws mean lots of change for the retro homes at Lawson’s Landing Fishing Resort on the Sonoma Coast.

It has character. It has grit. It has something that gets me every time.

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7 Responses to Let’s all have campers on the sea shore

  1. Cindy says:

    Okay…this is NOW my favorite post! How cute are those cozy campers! We could be next door neighbors! It’s good to dream isn’t it….

  2. mltucker says:

    I love everything about this post.
    ~ Mary Louise

  3. My! what a nice internet trip, you took me on, i am in Vancouver, i have an internet acquaintance in Lodi California, n looking that your going to get 105F next Friday, it is good for you all to cool off at the Beach . the cozy campers are way Cute. nice fotos Cheers all, from Thomas in Vancouver,

  4. thedsides says:

    what a beautiful place!!!

  5. Alessandra Nava says:


  6. Shannon Faris-Parnell says:

    It’s envy that’s the “bad” one, right? How wonderful it would be to have one of those great little places to go to on a whim. Thanks, Lauren.

  7. F. says:

    You sure do make those campers look cute.

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