Bodega Bay and moments from camp

It was a quiet day in our campground. Some had gone over the dunes to splash in cold waves. Others were lounging in chairs, a novel in one hand and glass of wine in the other. Maggie, my Aunt Jo and I hopped in the car for a ride on the sunny Monday afternoon. We left the windows rolled down as we drove through farm land, groves of towering eucalyptus trees and rounded corners that revealed waterfront beaches. We talked about travels and movies. I braided my hair into fishtail pigtails. We took photos from inside the car.

And then, we were in Bodega Bay.

In the little town, we found a blue green sea, clam chowder in sourdough bread bowls, kites and stores that sell salt water taffy flavored like birthday cake, pomegranate and egg nog.

These photos are a little glimpse into our afternoon in Bodega Bay.We stopped for lunch, and all three of us broke out our phones to catch up on e-mail, Instagram and texts while our iPhones had some service.
We had the one thing I love to eat when I’m on the coast: Clam chowder. Yes, I’ve been running to make up for it. We got back to camp when the sun was still up. Camp always comes to life as the sun is going down, with friends and family prepping for dinner and fun around the fire. Here is a little of “everyday camp,” just random scenes from the place we went to get away.

Michelle teaches the guys that you can start a fire with drier lint.
Feeding the birds.

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6 Responses to Bodega Bay and moments from camp

  1. Ava avione says:

    Lauren..u have been on some wonderful your posts…thanks for letting me in on all your beach and camping adventures..come by the studio on your way home…love ava

  2. liz says:

    Your pictures are sickly beautiful. Amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  3. zoevleach says:

    REally love looking through them photos, what an adorable little girl as well.. !!

  4. …beautiful… wish i was there!!! g*

  5. Is that bar still there, called Smiley’s? THAT was a strange place in the late 70’s..

  6. Maggie says:

    Lauren, this is so great! You capture the everyday minutiae of camp so well. And the Bodega Bay pictures are just stunning.

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