Last night at the farmers market

It was still 104 degrees outside as friends  and I picked through piles of nectarines, pears and zucchini at last night’s farmers market. But beneath the big trees covering Downtown Lodi, it didn’t feel so bad. I enjoy our Thursday farmers market every week, buying squashes by the pound and bags of peaches that are so juicy it’s best to eat them in the pool because their sweet nectar just pours out all of your hands. With the heat, I noticed the farmers’ bounties have increased. Basil is now plentiful on the tables. The carrots are giant. Heirloom tomatoes popped up last night. And that sweet corn made an appearance, too. Here is a look at my new Thursday evening ritual.All photos were taken and edited with my iPhone : )

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2 Responses to Last night at the farmers market

  1. Oooo, love this post too! The colors are awesome. I’m suddenly very hungry!

  2. Every time i go to streets i have a hard time taking pictures.. street photography and me don’t get along too well lol…

    Nice shots!

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