Summertime til now

Summer. So far, it’s been an odd combination of busy and nothing at all.
It’s been a little like this:

• Squash grilling with friends and family.
• Parties for every reason:
Someone’s moving; it’s a birthday; hey, it’s Thursday, let’s have a party.
• Pool days.
• Iced champagne with orange juice and grenadine.
• Friendship bracelets. Lots and lots of friendship bracelets.
• Garden finds, like zucchini the size of newborns.
• Spending too much money at the farmer’s market.
• Wrinkly toes and chipped green nail polish.
• Chicken gobbles and sun tea.
• Camping anticipation.
• Watching friends’ pups.
• Cold water straight from the hose.
• Fireworks out back.
• Flip-flop tan lines on my feet.
• Day trips and summer tunes.
• Runs at twilight.
• Tomatoes plucked from the vine.

Beer and bracelets.Stars and sunglasses.Parmesan squash and wienies.A can of whipped cream later …Little girls and blow torches.Ooooohhhh and Aaaaaahhh.Fire in the sky.

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One Response to Summertime til now

  1. martinxtc says:

    I love your blog, man. How do we can the type of photography that gives that foggy aspect to the photo ? It gives the impression that the subject is something from the past. How do call that ?

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