Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to my soul sister in heaven. Happy birthday to the girl with the big laugh and the gorgeous, ever-changing long locks. Happy birthday to the one who almost burned down the beach house that weekend, who waxed off half of my eyebrow that night, who made way better art than I did, always. Happy birthday to the girl who taught me to be free.

I still think you’re on vacation, sipping cocktails in that forest in Costa Rica. I still hear your high-shrieked laugh all the time. I still read your emails and feel like we’re back there, two or three years ago, talking about whether or not you should release live butterflies at your wedding or what we should make in the art studio.

Happy 38th, Laura.

You are loved forever.

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5 Responses to Happy birthday to you

  1. Valyval says:

    Hahahaha!! Happy birthday Lou Diggity Dawg!! Your rally monkeys are still rallying it up for you!!

    Ps. I know you have implanted yourself in my belly. And I will get you back……

    And I love you Lauren!!

    • Lauren says:

      Ahaha, Val, you’re hilarious! I can’t wait until you give birth to Laura reincarnated! Haha, that’s kinda creepy! Rally Monkeys unite! Love you Val!

  2. Jenna says:

    Beautiful! Too uplifting a prayer to not be heard in heaven!

  3. Laurie Mills says:

    ❤ I miss Laura terribly too.. she was a patient of mine at her Dentist office, I was her "personal Dental Assistant" and we became fast friends… xoxo She clearly touched everyone that she met very deeply.. Happy Birthday Girlfriend.. "Just Breathe" I love and miss you!! Laurie

  4. Maggie says:

    Happy birthday Laura! You are always missed. And Val, that is totally creepy, and kind of sweet all at the same time. Hilarious! Literally laughing out loud next to Lauren.

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