Girls of roller derby

I’ve never been one for team sports. In school, I always preferred to be the president or treasurer of every single club instead of be on the soccer or golf team. My siblings on the other hand, liked to play; my sister was the only girl on the football team, if that tells you anything.

But that was because I didn’t know about roller derby. Oh man. Or should I say, Oh woman.

Maggie and I went to a bout a few weeks back. Our home team, Port City Roller Girls, battle it out against Sacramento. These girls on skates have my heart. They have edge, four-wheel skates, fishnets, bruises, personality and some pretty cool tattoos. If they didn’t practice, like, a gajillion hours a week, I’d totally join this team sport. I’m thinking Hippie Longstocking would have to be my name. What would your roller derby name be?

Here are some pics from the night. Ready. set. go …

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2 Responses to Girls of roller derby

  1. Hey maybe we should do this next! Awesome shots! Like the sexy ho’s…oops I mean hose! 🙂

  2. Brenda Ramsey says:

    Thanks for the write up & the pic of my derby sticker/name. Port City Roller Girls are always looking for new skaters, refs & volunteers. And practices are twice a week Tuesdays & Thursdays, 2 hours each night. 6:30-8:30pm.
    Please like us on Facebook or visit our website for more info.
    Our next home bout is Saturday July 14th. Hope to see you out there cheering us on for another win. 🙂

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