Kayaking the Mokelumne + Five Senses


Happy Monday, friends. Did you have a lovely weekend, soaking up the sun and seeing all of your favorite people?

It was refreshing for me in that kind of way. On Saturday afternoon, my friend Cindy and I took the kayaks out for our first summertime paddle. The water was clear and the sun warm. It was fun taking Cindy out for her first time, even though we both got a good workout with the wind and sometimes choppy water.

To me, kayaking is one of the most relaxing things you can do. You get in this rhythmic motion and glide through the ripples, sometimes seeing turtles, cows and birds. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it.

Here are a few photos from our time on the Mokelumne River. If you live near any body of water, I suggest renting a kayak. You won’t tip, I swear (unless you try really, really hard).

Oh, and scroll down for Five Senses Monday. Have a great week!

We stopped for lunch on a private beach, and lounged on a blanket in the grass. We’re both thankful for summer.

And now, it’s time for Five Senses Monday (a kayaking version), where I reflect on the last few days through the senses. Play along in the comments or on your own blog.

A single turtle diving off a long and into the river

White caps thumping against the bow of my kayak as we fought the wind on the way home.

Peaceful and happy while catching up with a friend on a blanket on a grassy beach.

Jet Ski gasoline.

Our picnic lunch: red bell peppers and hummus, strawberries, salad with sweet tomatoes and chicken.


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3 Responses to Kayaking the Mokelumne + Five Senses

  1. Maggie says:

    I love those little hearts and Cindy’s cute flower in her hair! Sounds like a lovely little afternoon!

  2. What a wonderful day! Thanks friend for showing me something new once again, I had a blast! Great pics, love them all!

  3. Claudia Halecky says:

    Just wondered details, where you rent, where you entered water …

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