Snippets of life lately

Snippets of life on my aunt’s farm, before and after my uncle’s funeral. It’s been a special time with family and friends.A get-together after a beautiful funeral, all taken with film:

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6 Responses to Snippets of life lately

  1. Seradrm says:

    WOW! pacifico beer! I didn’t know it was available in USA. it’s one of my favorite beers here in Mexico! try to find a Mexican beer called “Tempus” it’s very uncommon but its great!

  2. sophia says:

    Lauren I love your perspective on life and the beautiful pictures that make up your world. You are very inspiring 🙂

    Peace + Love + Surfboards

    from Sophia @

  3. cindy deluz says:

    Love this post! Great shots!

  4. F. says:

    Love these photos and ohmygod that kitty!

  5. Maggie says:

    I feel so lucky to have been accepted into the Sowles Road family, complete with cute cats, feisty chickens and gentle donkeys. Can’t wait for more potlucks in the quiet country!

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