Good morning, glassy water

I’ve fallen in love with this place. The golden evening and water like glass in the morning. The seashell coastline and hot air balloon that takes off at sunrise. I love a room with a view, sleeping with the door open and hearing the waves crash until I’ve fallen asleep. I love the smell of the pines mixed with musty heat and dirt, and how it takes your breath away for that second. I love standing on snow with flip-flops and then napping on the beach in swimsuits an hour later. I love going to sleep, thinking I can sleep as late as I want. But I like the reality, too, of being up at sunrise and walking the coast on a hunt for coffee.

I love you, Tahoe. With your clear water, your dandelion fields, your hipster lumberjacks and that feeling that tells me I could live forever on this balcony on the water and be just fine.





(sorry if it looks weird … Posting from le phone)

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3 Responses to Good morning, glassy water

  1. adz01992 says:

    Wow! Also I just want to say your photos have been a real inspiration with my own photography. The way you capture the mood and feel of a place astounds me. Much respect and if you feel like it check out my blog.

  2. liz says:

    unbelievably gorgeous pictures!! i wanna go there… 🙂

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