Prom night

Some of my favorite local teens got all dolled up for prom this past weekend, and I had the opportunity to snap a few photos before they headed out for the night they’ve been fantasizing about for months.
Over the years, Emma’s become like a little sister to me. It’s been exciting to watch her in her last years of high school, and I know she’ll do great things. Aren’t they a beautiful couple?Savannah is one of the sweetest people, and I love her bright smile and loving personality. They are an adorable couple of friends, who didn’t mind having a little fun.John and Rachael are so adorable. They have been together for a long time, and though they aren’t even out of high school, they remind me of two old souls who have been together for generations.

I got to know John and Rachael last year when I followed them around prom for a story I was writing. So, meeting at prom has sort of become a tradition for us. Luckily, this year I didn’t have to follow them around the entire night with a camera and notepad.

Don’t be fooled by all the flowy green gowns: These girls gots ghetto!

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3 Responses to Prom night

  1. OMG! These are adorable shots Lauren! Thank you once again for capturing the essence of Emma’s life…such an everlasting gift you continue to bless us with! You are pure magic with a lens…sigh. Love you…and your camera! : )

  2. Maggie says:

    These are all around adorable. You ladies look fantastic!

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