This is how life happens

Hello, friends. It’s Monday once again. It seemed it circled around very quickly, and I’m not sure I’m ready for it all to begin again. It was a busy, busy weekend after a challenging week that was, oddly, both emotionally refreshing and draining with hospitals and funerals and a lot of family time. I have tons of pictures to share, but I’ll just start with what I’ve captured on my phone and Instagram.

We’ve been doing a lot of swimming at my house, even though the water is still too cold. The other night, we jumped rope to warm up before jumping in. It’s always worth that first little bit of shock.

This week, my sister gave me a crazy pair of cowboy-style rubber boots. I kind of love them. Fiona, the dog, pretty much goes anywhere the newsroom goes, including out for Mexican food. I had a Starbucks “planning” meeting with a good friend. Polly is the newest addition to our family, our fourth puppy now that my sister is home from D.C. Max and Sweetie waited for me to throw the tennis ball. And all the dogs thought “SLUMBER PARTY” when Maggie stayed over. Animal house? Yep.Last week, a friend lost her husband and a city lost a fire captain. It was one of the hardest parts of the week, but the funeral was beautiful and honored a man everyone loved. This is sweet Dolly. She was old, and suffered with numerous ailments that kept her from any quality of life. This week, my aunt had to make the terribly difficult decision to put her down. With my uncle in the hospital fighting cancer for the second time, I went with my aunt to say goodbye to sweet Dollywood. We stayed with her until the end, and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It was a bittersweet day. There were tears of sadness, but I so enjoyed seeing my aunt in the quiet of her country home. We had dinner and walked around her garden, eating her strawberries and petting her chicken, who thinks she is a lap dog. Later in the week, I visited my uncle. We’re all praying hard, and I hope you will too. Doctors are going to try one last thing, and we all have tons of hope that it will do just the trick. He’s beat it once, I know he can do it again. And, of course, yesterday, I celebrated Mother’s Day with my mom. We had a houseful of friends — mine and my sister’s. I think my mom enjoyed having a house full. We started the morning off with our first-ever run together. My mom loves to run, and she was so happy Maggie and I went with her. It was a great way to start the day. The rest of the day, we did things like eat pineapple, watch Kayla’s dog jump in the pool, lounge outside and drink homemade iced coffees.

How was your week? I’ll be back with a five senses soon.

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2 Responses to This is how life happens

  1. Gosh I love this post so many wonderful sharings both sad and happy. My prayers are with your uncle and of course Dolly too.

  2. Maggie says:

    Oh, I adore all of these pictures. So glad I’ve been able to help out where I can with uncle Jerry, and I know he has so many people praying for him. Also, can’t wait to swim all dang weekend!

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