Life Lately

A hot air balloon floated over the lake as the sun was coming up one morning.

Welcome to Monday. Here’s to new beginnings and fresh starts and long lunch hours (not me, of course). I hope your spring has been going splendidly. Here is a glimpse at life lately and a lot of this weekend, which including doggie kisses, pool time, craft hour, Relay for Life fundraising, a wedding shoot, an early morning on the track, wandering the street faire and chopping lotsa fresh stuff.

I like that an Instagram friend named this sprinkler photo “Peacock.”Floating.My tin can garden is flourishing slowly. My peas sprouted quite a bit in just a few days.We had a newsroom lunch at Hollywood Cafe.Love and technology. (Katie and Dan).Classics and Dan and Coke.They took extra long, so they gave us complimentary cinnamon rolls … … which I did not touch : ) Instead, I waited for my egg white veggie omelet and fresh fruit.Meet Fiona. She is our new newsroom dog. And we all kind of love her. Reporter Katie (pictured up above with her phone) adopted the pup after doing a story on her. You can read about her adoption here. She was hit by a car and rescued by police, who thought she was dead at first. Her back leg still doesn’t have feeling, so she comes to work many days so Katie and Dan can monitor and make sure she doesn’t chew her foot up (she has a history). We’ve all become Fiona’s aunties, and we babysit her when Dan and Katie run out on assignment. Love.Cone of shame.She sleeps on the desk while we work.This weekend, Jen and I drove into the hills, where I helped her shoot a wedding.Jen’s adorable kids testing out the photobooth.The photographer at work.Before the wedding, I hung out with the guys. They got ready with shots and a jar of baby food. As Maggie says, “Priorities.” Sunday evening was for unwinding and digging through the bead box.I read funny old emails from a friend who is no longer here. Instagrammers suggested I make a book out of them. I think that’s a great idea.I knew I’d been nominated for two awards from the California Newspaper Publishers Association. But this weekend, I found out I won two first place awards. One was for Best Feature (about a man living with mental illness) and another for Lifestyle Coverage in Lodi Living, which is a great honor because it’s my every day project.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

xo, L

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5 Responses to Life Lately

  1. cldmnrs says:

    I really like your pictures!

  2. Cynthia says:

    Especially love the dreamy quality of the first image. Beautiful. 😉

  3. Shannon Faris-Parnell says:

    Congrats on the awards…well-deserved!

  4. What a wonderful round up of your life – I love the hot air balloon shot 🙂

  5. Maggie says:

    Your life is busy, busy girl! Congratualtions again on the awardssssss, and those little pics of Fiona made my heart squeal!

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