Five Senses Monday

Mango. I’ve been on a mango kick. It has a refreshing spiciness.

Rocking the glasses for a night of “Titanic 3-D.” I kept gasping as if I hadn’t seen the movie at least 14 times. “Maybe they changed the ending and the ship doesn’t sink this time,” I might have said. A hodge-podge dinner one night: Pasta with tomatoes, basil and olive oil. Garlic Naan. Salad. Kiwi and, you guessed it, mango.Cuddles.

“The single most revolutionary thing you can do is recognize that you are enough”
 – Carlos Andrés Gómez
(I like this a lot. Found here.)
I hope you had a lovely weekend. Here is Five Senses Monday, where I reflect on the weekend through the five senses. Play along!
Mom’s homemade chicken vegetable soup.
All that basil.

My friend’s belly laughter as we gave into our stalker tendencies.

Refreshed and reminded.

Jack and Rose; I love that movie more than I remembered.

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One Response to Five Senses Monday

  1. Maggie says:

    I’m so glad I got to share my anniversary of Titanic experience with you! Also, that dinner was delicious, and I can’t wait until this summer when your garden is in bloom and I can come hang out in your kitchen while you cook. It’s gonna be great!

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