Flowers of the ocean | Monterey

Happy Friday. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Monterey photos this week. I get a little snap-happy, I know. But it’s just so pretty and looking through the pictures has me wanting to jump in the car and head back this weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, what are you plans? I think my weekend will be low-key. I’m excited to hang out with Cindy tomorrow, though we still can’t think of anything to do on a rainy day (any ideas?). And tonight, Maggie and I are resorting to our teary-eyed teenage selves and going to see “Titanic.” At some point, I’m hoping to try one or two new healthy and fresh recipes, too. I have to admit, it feels nice to have a few unplanned days ahead.

Well, whether it’s sunny where you are or dropping down hail, I hope you have a lovely weekend. Here are a few more photos of Monterey, the last from our weekend trip on Easter weekend.I fell in love with the beds of ice plant and purple lusciousness. I’m pretty sure I could have fallen asleep on its springy loveliness.And these. They are wonderful. We were a bit nervous standing on the ledge. You can tell by our awesomely awkward photo.

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9 Responses to Flowers of the ocean | Monterey

  1. Cas says:

    So pretty! My favorites are the ones of the trees!

  2. grace says:

    GORGEOUS! I feel like I’m in a dream!

  3. (D)OCULAR says:

    very nice photos, I love the purple tints

  4. Rich says:

    Stunning! I like them all, especially Maggie on the rocks.

  5. carla c. says:

    beautiful as always.

  6. Oksana Rall photography says:

    SO beautiful pictures!

  7. Very beautiful. I can smell the ocean and hear the waves.

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